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  1. Hello again I purchased the Magxp theme and have been busy setting up my site. I would like to see about getting an add block on the landing page below the slider and above the first set of posts. at the moment I have the sidebar to the right but I want the add to be at the top of the main blog field. could you send me info on how to alter the file?
  2. Thanks You mentioned single posts. what about the front landing page above or below the group of blog links?
  3. Hello We are looking at Mag xp and was wondering about ad placement and size. all the examples I see are for ads in the right column and square. most of our banners are 600 x 30 and won't fit there. can ads be placed in the left column above,below or inbetween the stories? is their a limit to the number of ads the theme can handle? Thanks
  4. Hello we are looking at your point theme. 1.how would the template support vimeo videos? It looks like it would use a shortcode. 2. how could it support an image gallery? if with a plugin then could you recommend one that would work best with your theme. Thank
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