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  1. Short version: I've gotten about 10 themes and plugins from Mythemeshop. Its ability to set up easily and quickly, its INCREDIBLE customer service, and its affordable prices make buying from MyThemeShop a no-brainer for your future projects! I'm always excited to see what new theme or plugin they come up with! Please don't stop! Long version: I've been ordering themes and plugins from MyThemeShop for about 2 years now. I have almost 10 themes and plugins and if I could find the use for the other themes, I'd buy them all because the price is such a steal! For such inexpensive products, you get amaing customer service, incredible themes/plugins and modern features always up-to-date (SEO-Friendly, etc). Setting up and customizing the themes are incredibly easy and the options are endless. I recently set up a website using their MagXP theme. Within 2-3 hours, I had set it up, customized it and starting writing articles to publish. I can't stress enough on how incredible their customer service is! Fast, patient and extremely helpful! They go beyond their duties! When I bought a theme I liked from another theme place recently, I paid more and it took me almost a month to set it up and customize it. Support was useless. I learned from my mistake and will ONLY order my themes and plugins from MyThemeShop! I truly can't wait to see what you have to offer next! Please don't stop what you're doing! I always look forward for your next products! Anthony
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