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  1. do you mean header animation as in big picture that stretch out from your left monitor to right monitor? if it is than that suck. i prefer normal feature picture
  2. Hello, my theme subs has expired earlier this year and my magazine theme version 1.1.1 I am thinking of subscribing again but I wonder has there been any updates to the theme? Since I can't see any info regarding it. What is the current version of magazine theme and where can I see list of updates / what has been updated on theme
  3. Another question, let say i use video themes , put many videos on as feature image and then decided to change to other mythemeshop themes, What will happen to the feature video? Do i need to manually repair them or is there a way to fix it automatically
  4. Could you show me screenshots of the post box where you add the links. I'd like to see the features
  5. I would like to see demo on how it looks in dashboard during add new post. I wanna see how you add video into features images and can we use it like normal post/normal feature images
  6. in homepage under interview, I like this kind of classic blog thumbnail. Can I list latest post like this on homepage? without other module.
  7. No what I meant if such thing is possible? Using codes to make the theme 90% larger. Will support provide me help for such request once I bought Bookshelf
  8. Hi.. I just saw your reply in free support forum for another theme and I was wondering .main-container { width: 1400px; } #page, .container, .main-header { max-width: 1400px; } Can't I just use this code or anything similar that support could provide to make Bookshelf theme 90% larger?
  9. Hi, thank you for your reply I have another question for a different theme of yours called Spike. Is it possible for me to get a featured image inside post once I bought that theme ? Will support provide me the code?
  10. Is there going to be a fluid version / bigger non boxed version coming / option for this theme or this is the only size for it ? I like this theme I think it's suitable for me but I'd like for content width to be bigger / fluid version
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