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  1. Theme Quality Go and check the demo ! A blogger's heaven that might suite one custom need. I literally zeroed in on MTS after going through several other themes which promised me the moon but missed on something. Here, they are zippy fast, almost no or minimal use of images to render the contents, great layouts, platform adaptive schemes and everything that you might be looking for. Support "If you face any other issues, feel free to ask" - this is their common closing statement after having solved or answered any of the query. This is what their greatest virtue or strength is which goes very impressive on both new or old customer. 5 STAR for support !
  2. They Sell, They Help and They Win !!! My three year old blog was in a desperate need of a facelift with new features like responsiveness and better design. I tried myriads of options available out there but none seemed to satiate my need and always missed on something that was in my top priority (zippy performance, responsive, ad-support, minimal design minus any bloats). I literally gave up and was almost on a verge of custom theme (taxing lot on my pocket), I then luckily stumbled upon MYTHEMESHOP and whoa ! I got the one needed for my blog. It requires minimal setup and the support guys out there are more than a friendly being. Three cheers for them
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