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  1. Dear MTS any recommend theme for ecommerce? Thanks
  2. May I Know? are there any website using MTS theme already approved in google news? please give me the url of the website and what theme their using
  3. Your first statement and the second are so different. You said MTS themes are google news friendly, but you told me to personalized it again? what I mean is if your theme is google news friendly so I don't have to personalized it again, So I can directly submit my website with your theme to google news. Do you have check google news guideline? and are you already build your theme based on google news guideline?
  4. hello need answer, is MTS themes google news friendly? especially for the magazine themes
  5. Sorry my mistake, the coupon for membership not the themes
  6. Thank you for the answer -- OOT I can't use the voucher code
  7. Dear MTS I have a favor to ask. I love NewsPaper theme but also I'm interest with Schema Integration on Blogging Theme. Is Newspaper have this feature too? Thanks
  8. Hello MTS I'm in love with NewsPaper theme. Any Halloween special discount for this awesome theme? Thank you
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