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  1. I would like to alert the admins and every other member of this forum that this website scammed me for 5 dollars. Each time I used my crebit card it was declined and $1.13 was charged to my visa up to 5 times... My card was declined from direct visa purchase AND through paypal, there was more than enough funds to purchase the theme. This is preposterous and who can I speak to about this... I lost $5.65 and still have NO themes. Who can I contact, how can I fix this, will I be re-reimbursed from my lost payments?
  2. Thanks for your reply, my question is if I installed and activated "Best theme" and sometime in the next month you guys updated it.. how easy would it be for me to install the update without losing my posts/logo? I don't plan on heavily modding the theme just a logo and maybe adding a poll widget. Furthermore, how would I access the update and do I have to pay?
  3. Hello web designers, fellow developers, and site owners.... I usually purchase my themes from the official wordpress site however I was going to give mythemeshop a chance since it is fairly new on the block. Unfortunately I noticed there are tons of threads on issues with the "Best" theme... I find it quite sad that a premium theme provider would release themes with so many bugs. Should I still purchase the "Best theme" or wait till a later date when the bugs are all worked out? - Yanni
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