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  1. Hello, Is Rank Math compatible with the Avada theme? Avada theme link I was about to buy Avada but thought of asking it here first since I use Rank Math only. Thank You
  2. Can I get a demo account to see it from inside?
  3. 4.) Can I set the external link for the coupons displayed in the tabs section?
  4. One more thing which is more important... 4.) On the homepage where all the coupons are being shown and clicking on them opens a link within the site, I want them to directly open the third website with my affiliate link, linking to external websites is possible? 5.) Coupon in the website have a dotted border with a scissor image, can I change that?
  5. 1.) Okay 2.) Yeah I am talking about editing core files, so I can do that? If you visit the site again you'll see a table on the website's homepage. Right now it's in the core files. I want that table and those text boxes in the theme homepage by editing core files. Possible? 3.) There is no coupon or offer
  6. Hello, I have a website which is mainly for affiliate marketing, here is the site. I am currently using "architect" theme on that website with lots of customized things, I believe "Coupon" theme will be the perfect fit for it but still confused, it serves the purpose for my affiliate, so can you please help me with: 1.) Can I change the text in the coupons like from "Show Coupon Code" to "Claim Now" or anything else I want? 2.) On the website I provided you'll see that I added a text box in the end, can I do the same on this theme (coupon)? I would need to add a lot of text for better SEO. 3.) When can I expect to see the "$19 sale offer"? Waiting for that. 4.) One more thing, please tell me what theme you'd recommend for that website? (just a friendly advice) Checking out the theme now again, will ask more things if needed.
  7. Hey, You made me confused by making all of your themes so good and appealing. I want to buy one, what I want is fastest loading, SEO optimized for higher rankings, adsense (Ad) optimized for higher CPCs as mentioned in description of some themes. I would use that theme for 2 of my sites, one would be a blog and one would be a magazine. Can you please guide me through this and tell me what would suit me the best. Among all I personally like Best and Schema theme. You can check out my sites here - focus and leap and this relationship Thank You, Karan
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