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  1. I know what theme I want, but I dislike the look blogroll. If I purchase the Frontpage theme can I pay for you guys to make the blog roll look identical to the [HowTo] blogroll? I would want every post to look like that for the blog roll.
  2. Thank you, I see where it allows custom sidebar for homepage, are you saying that sidebar cant be placed on the left side though only the right? With the sidebars can I upload a custom menu in the navigation or widget area?
  3. Hi, I used the live demo for schema but was limited. Can I; 1. use schema as a static website with a blog option? 2. Can I have a left sidebar or left navigation menu on the homepage? 3. Can I reduce the size to boxed instead of full width? The theme appears kind of large for some reason. Thank you, Jasmine A
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