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  1. Had a problem with MagXP but no problem for the best support team in the business I keep buying more themes but only wish they were lifetime not yearly.
  2. Thank you for your never ending quest to provide the best support I have ever seen in the 30 years in the tech industry. You and your team has always gone the distance and provided me the best support i could ever ask for. I will continue to support you and your company with purchases of your plugins and themes. Please develop some more cool plugins. Thanks Again Jeff750
  3. I had a small issue with my slider on the emaxstore theme I purchased. I received almost instant support which fixed my issues and got the theme rolling perfectly. Thank you Jitendraa you sure know what you are talking about. I am committed to the products you produce not because they are the best in the world and they are, but because you stand behind them and make sure your customers are satisfied. Thanks again and I look forward to more awesome widgets and themes from MYthemeshop. Thank you Jeff750
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