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  1. In Chrome it seemed to delay the time it took to get a smooth page scroll, I'm running several adsense ads loading in ascync mode and some amazon stuff so maybe its due to that. Maybe it added just that one more thing to load. Just seemed to make the page load seem heavier. I also run W3 Total Cache so maybe an issue there to tweak in script load order. The WP tabs adds in another css and js file to have to deal with. Sometimes it's easier to just forgo the bells and whistles like a tabbed ajax widget for a site like mine with lots of other stuff going on. I'm trying to do my best to speed
  2. I've had a very good experience switching my theme to Schema. I have a site with over 250 posts and the update went very smooth. Very little tweaking was needed to get the site back working well after the transition. I love the new built in theme panel and really like the easy way to apply icon fonts for the menus. The only thing I didn't like was the Ajax tabbed widget, seemed a little jerky when switching between tabs and affected the pages scroll and load, but that was a free add on thingy and not necessary to the theme. I am most pleased with the new, clean look and it is much faster now
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