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  1. Hi - thanks for quick response. I was looking at Architect and will probably get it. But I'm also thinking of some of your other themes In Blogging, you have 27 themes It seems like they're presented in reverse data order of release. Is that right with Socially Viral being your latest Blogging Theme release? Is it generally the case that your most recent releases will have better design and technology? I know you do updates but assume you don’t change foundational design of old themes. What's the advantage of Schema over other blogging themes, please? If you look at the feature bullet points displayed when you hover over images on http://goo.gl/6IXkwM, Schema's features are the same as Splash's, except the wording is different. For example, in the order of Schema versus Splash: Fully Responsive vs 100% Responsive In-built Review System (both) Ultra Fast & SEO Ready vs Blazing Fast Well documented (Schema) vs ? ? vs Translation Ready Etc. I'm having a hard time understanding these nuances I'm also confused about the differences between Sensational, Saturation, Wildfire etc and why I would choose one over anotherI - and perhaps others - would find it tremendously helpful if you (a) standardized your attribute terminology (e.g. what's the difference between Fully Responsive and 100% Responsive?), and ( offer the compare capability common on eCommerce sites that allows you to compare several products (in this case Themes) simultaneously Obviously, even if you like that idea, it's not going to happened right away so can you give me some advice and guidance please? I really want to buy some of your themes and perhaps become a member so I can access all themes. I haven’t become a customer before because it's confusing and difficult to choose. Hope to get a response very soon Thanks!
  2. I like everything I read about Schema and understand its application for blogging. Can it be tweaked EASILY to turn the home page into a one-page design? Or is that too much effort and I'd be better off starting with another theme? Please let me know Thanks!
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