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  1. Yes I understand that. What I want is that the mobile menu has dropdowns, like this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/u1v4mrjzdovzxfn/mobilemenu.jpg?dl=0 Otherwise the menu will be extremely long on mobile platforms if all the sub items are just listed in one long list.
  2. Perhaps it is an issue with browser compatibility, but the menu on the demo for Splash does not look like that on my laptop nor on my phone. What I see is just one long menu, as you can see here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qtlfmchavf0396a/menu.jpg?dl=0 I'm on Chrome for Mac Version 38.0.2125.101
  3. Thank you for the fast reply, MistaPrime. 1. No problem with this, as long as it is possible for me to manually enter the reviews and edit the dates for the reviews - I wouldn't want my readers to think the reviews are fake if they were all inserted on the same date. 2. Perfect 3. Mobile menu: the type of menu I am looking for is like the demo on this page: http://jasonweaver.name/lab/flexiblenavigation/ As you can see, sub-items are not displayed until the expand-arrow of the item is clicked.
  4. Also, is it possible to change what the menu looks like with regards to sub items? In the demo, each menu section has a different hover color in the "mobile" size, but I need it to be an expandable menu.
  5. Hello I am interested in purchasing the Splash theme for which I have a few questions: Question 1: I run a food blog, on which I use the plugin EasyRecipe for recipes. It includes a review feature on which I have received lots of reviews. Is it possible to export these reviews and import them in the review-function in this theme? https://wordpress.org/plugins/easyrecipe/ Question 2: What are the related posts based on? (tags, category, etc?) Thanks
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