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  1. Hello Despite that Woocommerce is not part of the Cool theme in that there is no compatibility I really like the theme. I've had to install a new Wordpress with a WC compatibility theme but since I'm using Multisite Network I'm not bothered. I love this theme. IT IS AMAZING <3 Thanks for all the support that you guys have given me since I purchased the item. Even though the site is very easy to edit etc since I am a web developer, I do get a bit stuck some of the time so for that thank you. I might have to purchase a few themes from here but for now I will stick with Cool. Thank you.
  2. Hi wanting to purchase tomorrow so all questions it would be good if they got answered asap 1. Does the cool theme come with the mega menu by default or is that an extra purchase? 2. Is there any plugins that come with the cool theme? 3. Is there any coupons or could I have one as a first time buyer to be able to buy the theme cheaper. 4. I assume since this is a paid theme that I can remove the My Theme Shop copyright? 5. What is the refund policy.
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