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  1. It's now more than 3 years I'm a customer from MyThemeShop. The themes are really good quality and easy to integrate with your wordpress. Most important, you don't have to be expert dev or something like this to get something that works and nice. So you can focus on what to publish. I'm buying all my themes here now. Because, the prices are honest and I can buy themes without recurring fees. Plus, I know that if I got troubles the team will help me. I've already opened by the past 2 cases and each time they helped me and solved my problem. Thank you MyThemeShop.
  2. Thank you MyThemeShop. I have no experience (and interest) in theming. I discover your website 1 year ago and now I use only your premium themes for the different websites I'm working on. Your themes are great and your support is really helpfull. If your problem is too complicated to be solved easily, MythemeShop can even debug directly on your blog in YOUR context use ! So thank you MyThemeShop. Happy customer that will use again your service in the future
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