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  1. Which plan is with 20 and 50 site licenses?
  2. Hi, i want to buy the extender membership cyber monday promotion , but i want to know in how many domains can i use each theme. can you explain me please before i buy it. thanks
  3. thanks for your time. I will buy my favorite theme.
  4. understand, but I have no clients, the websites are mine, I manage all the websites. Some domains are registered with the name of my wife and others with my name, I have to buy 2 times to use in any website???. or can i use 1 one to all my websites and website of my wife.
  5. Im want to buy the truepixel theme but i need to know if i can use this theme to my websites and the websites of my wife, Actually im encharged of the support to all the sites. Some of the websites domains are registered with my name and my names wife. I wil have no problem with the license if i install the theme in all websites. Please help me to do the right thing.
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