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  1. Trust in my suppliers.

    Thank you MTS for your quick assistance. A good provider is the best system to save time and money.
  2. I'm using your "edit launcher.php" solution. Image: Thank you.
  3. Hi, David C. Edited launcher.php and solved problem with images in tab TEMPLATES, thank you. Still can't change images editing templates. Best, Gabriel.
  4. Hi again, David C. It's no possible to change images in templates: select a different image, insert it and selection image window rest in blank. Best, Gabriel.
  5. Hi, David C. Edited launcher.php and now working. A minor "problem" is that the 3 small images ( doesn't appear in tab TEMPLATES. Thank you so much, Gabriel.
  6. Hi. Same problem for me. I've searched and templates are installed in public_html/d************/wp-content/plugins/launcher/templates/default Thank you in advance, Gabriel.
  7. Great Work

    Usually problems I found on my websites are already solutioned and posted on support forum. Thank you crew!
  8. Nice Service

    I'm not afraid to problems, but to not be heard by those who can help me. Thanks to your support team! Gabriel.