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  1. Tbh, I already have TruePixel but it just isn't right for what I'm trying to create. I like how SociallyViral has 3 lines of posts on the index and other pages, just like Best theme does as well, to show lots of "buzz" content as its called? But only problem with the SociallyViral theme is I can't see it being very efficient for Adsense, but Best theme looks better suited to adsense. Also a thing which puts me off Best theme is the slider, I like the slider just the sheer size of it is a little overpowering for my liking, is there anyway to decrease its size or maybe adjust the sites widt
  2. Hi, I am currently planning on starting a wordpress based site which focuses mainly on funny, fight, controversial, buzz videos based only on UK/British videos. Anyway, I was hoping you could recommend which of your themes best integrates/ supports Youtube, Vines, and other types of video which will be implemented into artcles/posts. Please note I will also have posts which don't have videos on, but majority will have. Also, the theme must be great for google adsense monetization and possibly other monetization methods such as amazon affiliates etc regards,
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