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    I like to know more about new seo friendly theme.

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  1. basauditors

    Good Support

    Mythemeshop provides good support. So, using theme from mythemeshop is the best for non-coding people. As an ISO consultant I will say there is no end of quality. So, mythemeshop authority can improve the following services: Reducing delay time to answer questions of the clients Introducing life time membership option to get more clients
  2. basauditors

    Excellent Customer Service

    Mythemeshop has very good help line. I am happy to use theme from mythemeshop. However, if the authority can add 24 hrs online chatting facilitates, it will increase more customer satisfaction around the world and it will bring more clients for mythemeshop.
  3. basauditors

    Excellent Support

    Excellent Support. I have no idea about coding but coding related many issues were solved by the community forum support of mythemeshop. I appreciate their support. Within few hours they provide support. However, I hope the authority will consider to add 24 hrs chatting support soon to solve any issue instantly.
  4. basauditors

    Best Wordpress Theme Support

    I am pleased to your support. I have done much to edit the corporate theme which was impossible for me. However the mytheme shop support team has cooperated me a lot. That's why I have been doing the editing job of my purchased corporate theme very nicely. Wonderful support. I appreciate super moderator and others who are helping me.
  5. basauditors

    My Theme Shop Review

    I am very much happy by using my theme shop templates. I have bought three templates. I edited all of them by myself with the support team of my theme shop . The most important thing is the customer support. I got all the answers of all my questions in the forum of my theme shop. Excellent customer support. Area to progress: Sometimes I get answer very instantly but sometimes it takes few hours. My theme shop may try to provide 24 hrs and instant support to its customer to be the best in wordpress theme business.
  6. basauditors

    Customer Requirements Are Met

    According to my opinion Mythemeshop management is meeting it's customer requirements successfully. I think you are maintaining the best quality and you are fit to obtain Quality Management System ISO Certificate 9001. Finally I am very much pleased to be your member. If I need any more theme or template I will buy from you. Thanks to all of your management team.