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  1. I'm sincerely impressed with the theme support you provide. A lot of the things you've helped me with would seem to be above and beyond what is expected when you purchase a them, but you help anyway. That is AMAZING. So thank you for your attention to detail and absolute AWESOMENESS!! Yes, I know awesomeness is not really a proper word but it's appropriate since there are no words that accurately describe how exceptional you are.
  2. Thanks for the exceptional level of support that MyThemeShop provides. I am truly impressed by how quick and helpful everyone has been. I'm still awestruck by the NewsTimes theme. After reconfiguring it numerous times and ways, I still coming up with different configurations to make my website more distinctive. I've tried a lot of themes from other designers but none have offered more flexibility, speed and such a clean, well thought out design. This theme is blazingly fast and the mobile experience is fantastic. Thanks again.
  3. Thank you very much for the exceptional support you have provided. I've tried a lot of themes from many designers before purchasing your themes. What sets MyThemeShop apart from the other brands I've tried, is the level of support you provide and thought that you put in your designs. They're fun to configure and my content consumers have an excellent experience with them as well. I love the simplicity and flexibilty and that they load fast and render well most devices that I've tried them on. I spent hours at the electronics store checking how my site would render on different devices and
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