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  1. Hi, thank a lot to solve that issue, same problem in mag XP video themes, plz solve that issue and update your theme file. and guide us how to fixed this issue from our end. reply soon.
  2. Hi, thanks for reply, but we found, something wrong with your .htaccess file, because after uploading video theme and active, ssl not work. you can see your demo account error with ssl in video. can your solved your SSL error on your demo url and than update. their are no any issue from server side. SSL work fine with other themes. reply soon.
  3. Hi, I'm user of your mythemesshop, i have buy few theme from you and looking for Video themes. and we have found two theme from your store and want to buy both theme. 1. video 2. Mag XP but we have visit your demo, url of both theme, and found they don't support SSL or have Issue with SSL with your given all demo link not work with ssl. Can you explain - any issue with both theme ? or provide other demo with working with SSL. because your other theme we have support SSL and working fine. i have planing to host theme with SSL, so I'm asking ? we have also attach screen short for your. Reply soon.
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