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  1. Mythemeshop team is very cool and provide astounding support. My recent interaction with Todd was excellent. He sent me the code snippets for the required changes, and also logged into my site for some complex tweaks. This is the first company i will look toward before i buy more themes for my future projects; the support is so good that I've started feeling a moral responsibility to make sure that only they get my money. I remember searching for that "best" theme for my projects, but didn't find any, then i found mythemeshop. The reality is that there is no perfect theme out there which will get you exactly what you want, but don't fret as mythemeshop perfect support will help you achieve what you want with their themes as long as your expectations are reasonable.
  2. I used spalsh theme on my site and was looking for minor modifications. Mista Prime is a life saver. He sent me the relevant code snippets i needed to fix those minor problems. MyThemeshop Rocks & so does Mista Prime
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