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  1. This type of layout can make in Video theme? https://ourmatch.net/ https://fchighlights.com/
  2. I'm using all import plugin to import the bulk post but all import plugin supports Yoast plugin.... so RankMath also works the same?
  3. Getting this error in my wp dashboard We detected new post type(s) (tcb_symbol, tcb_lightbox), and you would want to check the settings of Titles & Meta page and the Sitemap.
  4. It is possible to target multiple keywords with their title & description but the blog post is same. For example: My post is "Best Beard Oil" and my title & descriptions as follow: #1 Title: Top 10 Best Beard Oil Under $500 #2 Title: Best Beard Oil For Full Beard.
  5. If I will purchase this theme so how I can change the permalink in this way? Default: https://demo.mythemeshop.com/coupon/coupons-category/electronics/ Required: https://demo.mythemeshop.com/coupon/view/electronics/ Is it possible?
  6. I am talking about this https://mythemeshop.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/22-f-shaped-single-product-page.jpg
  7. - I want to see the demo of F Shape Single Product Page. - Can I allow to user add the comment on product page instead the review tab. - woocart is Adsense ready theme?
  8. Earlier I bought 2 themes from mts but its required verified pp I think but I don't have, please advise.
  9. First, I want to know that can I visible category menu tab on all the pages? see these images for understanding. http://oi63.tinypic.com/29m1u8o.jpg http://oi67.tinypic.com/34xg6xg.jpg Second, I have schema theme already so can I use it as an online shop or woocart has more option? Further, I want to see backend admin panel of woocart, any demo available. And I'm trying to use $9 coupon but its not working. please help. Thank you!
  10. Earlier, when you launched the new theme so I got an email that the new theme available at $9 but now I noticed that socialme launched recently but I didn't get any coupon.. Have you stopped your campaign?
  11. That's for just main index URL. For what a particular post?
  12. Agreed, your theme is SEO optimized but how I can add custom description without using plugin. OR if i post any content without using custom title, description plugin so which description should be visible at search engines?
  13. Is your theme have built-in custom post title and description option in newspaper theme like attached image?
  14. Your video just supported youtube? OR we can import videos from dailymotion, vimeo also... How many videos import in one time, can you please share here the screenshot/demo of video import panel... Further, let me know that search engine will show the thumbnail in search query.
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