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  1. [Rank Math SEO Plugin] Description disappear

    Hi, It seems to be perfect now. I already showing the post and pages. I thought this was turned on by default. Thank you much for your support and advice. Regards
  2. [Rank Math SEO Plugin] No Sitemap

    Hi, I just see that the sitemap works. Also I need to turn on the page and post settings in Sitemap Settings. Apparently it is not turned on by default. Thank you for now. Regards
  3. [Rank Math SEO Plugin] Description disappear

    Hi, I've put the details in the sensitive area. Thank you. Regards
  4. Hi, When I edit de snippet on the page, the keyword disappear after saving. When I enter the keyword for the second time, than he save it. But when I look in the Google results I see that the keyword has disappeared. Also the indicator doesn't work properly. In the Sensitive Data area I've enclosed a screenshot so you can see what I mean. Regards,
  5. [Rank Math SEO Plugin] No Sitemap

    Hi, Your link doesn't work. Regards
  6. Hi, For some reason Rank Math doesn't generate a sitemap. When I click on the sitemap link in sitemap settings, he can't find the sitemap page. By the way I just see the "sitemap_index.xml" in the 404 monitor. Thank you. Regards
  7. Hi, I've some issues with the redirection. It doesn't redirect the url. He does nothing at all. When I deactivate it and than activate it, the urls disappeared and it add a new empty redirection automatically. Maybe a bug? Regards,
  8. Unbelievable ..

    Hi there, I just want to say: The support is super!!! Mythemeshop is doing is more than I requested! Their service reaches the highest quality! Excellent support! Thank you much Mythemeshop. Regards
  9. Clear and Fast

    Hi all, I use Mythemeshop for many years. Still I'm so happy with therm. Answers are clear and fast. They always find a solution. Recommended!
  10. The Best Service

    Hello everyone, I just want to say that MyThemeShop has the Best Service ever! Patience and quick solved! Thank you MyThemeShop.
  11. Always The Best Support

    Hello everyone, I just want to say that I really like the amazing support of MyThemeShop! Fast reply and always the solution always works! Thank you for your great support! Kind regards
  12. My Experience With Mythemeshop

    Hello everyone, I just one to share my experience with Mythemeshop: Amazing! Great support! Always fast reply and always solved. I can't imagine a better one! Thank you Mythemeshop!
  13. Amazing Support

    As always amazing support! Again an another issue has been solved very quicky! Thank you very much Mythemeshop!
  14. Mythemeshop give amazing support still after all those years. They always find a way to solve the issue. You are never alone. Thank you much for your support Mythemeshop! Wish you all the best!
  15. Fast And Always Solved

    When there is a problem ... guarantee that the problem will be solved. And not in some weeks or some days .. but in hour! Amazing support and Fast Service! Recommended!