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  1. Wow. Thank you so much for your quick reply, Ben! Your answers are very helpful and I will review them all. This will help me make a decision soon about the two designs. I really appreciate it and thank you again!!
  2. Pre-sale questions about Glamour and Clock Themes: Glamour Theme: 1) Glamour has 6 layouts, but in the demo control panel for Styling Options, it looks like they apply to the Home page. I also see selections for Single Post pages — but what about main pages like Blog, individual Categories, etc.? Where do you set these pages? I would like a Blog landing page that lists the latest posts (in addition to the Home pg). Do you have templates for pages like: Archives (by Category), Blog (standard or 2-column), Site Map, etc.? 2) Glamour Homepage Layout 1: Can the small featured posts be rearranged? For example, in the main column, underneath the slider, there are 3 small across and 1 narrow vertical — can I arrange posts across the whole width of the three small, or across width of the 3 small + 1 vertical (e.g. list view similar to Splash)? I love the grids and multi-columns, but in the beginning, I won’t have enough posts for all the slots, so would need a way to rearrange the layout for fewer posts until the time when I will have enough posts. 3) In the default view, the Glamour design is quite large. When I zoom out by one increment, it reduces to a more ideal size for me. I would like readers to see this size without having to zoom out. Is there a way to set it so that the reduced size is the default size for the site? 4) Do you provide templates/widgets for inserting the four small ads, 125x125, in a 2-by-2 grid? 5) Is there a way to add a second navigational row (w/drop down menus) below the main one, or at the top of the page (e.g. for Splash)? 6) Do you have a sidebar navigation widget or shortcode? 7) It says that Glamour has e-commerce support, but there isn’t a page for it in the demo. Can it be turned on, or do I have to set up this page myself? Clock Theme: 1) Can the black horizontal lines be changed to a different color or different pattern (e.g. dashed, dotted, etc.)? I like the layout of this design a lot, but want it to look less like a newspaper, which is why I’m considering Glamour. I like Clock design-wise, but Glamour is smaller and less ‘newspapery’. I love the layouts of both. 2) Clock design is also quite large. Same questions as #1-6 for Glamour. Thank you in advance!
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