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  1. I was using the Safari included with the iPhone 6 Plus. Did you use an iPhone 6 Plus - and did you test on the theme demo? I checked your theme on a couple of websites in your showcase, and the menu worked fine, however, I experienced problems when viewing the menu in landscape position when viewing the the MyThemeShop demo. That's why I feel the issue is related to the frame you place on the demo.
  2. The SociallyViral theme demo appears to include a mega menu. Is this menu system included with the theme or something that has to be added with the purchase of a plugin?
  3. I'll try to get a screenshot for you, but I would describe the issue as looking like the menu opening and closing from left to right several times per-second, continuously.
  4. Does SociallyViral come with WP Review Pro and WP Mega Menu plugins? If so, can these plugins be installed separetly on other websites without the SociallyViral theme.
  5. The display issue on the iPhone 6 Plus in landscape position is being caused the MyThemeShop demo frame at the top of page. The websites that simulate views really don't pick up issues of that nature. Thank you
  6. When SociallyViral is viewed in landscape position with an iPhone 6 Plus, the responsive display goes crazy when the menu is opened, making the demo unviewable. There appears to be an issue.
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