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  1. Hi there, Thanks for new theme, WooCart. I really like it. Easy to browse and accessible. Before I buy it, I've some questions. When I check demo on my android phone, some parts from home page are broken. Shopping cart page doesn't fit on mobile screen. The arrows are missing (on/off) at product image gallery. I think there are some more I couldn't recall them right now. Do you have plan to update its responsiveness for mobile view? Always thanks and looking forward to your reply.
  2. First off, it's not about Corporate theme. I've been with MTS for a while. Always thanks to MTS dev and support team. I never think of asking refund after purchase from MTS. But I'm bit curious of (different) refund policy lines from "Checkout Page" and "Membership Agreement Term" clause. Here's the refund policy from "Checkout Page" - From "Membership Agreement Term" - Which refund policy will you go with if someone asks to process refund?
  3. Hi Ben Thanks for quick reply! It's sad to know that no built-in support for WooCommerce. What about Easy Digital Downloads? I feel that Corporate theme can certainly increase conversion rates but it'd be definitely better with one of those eCommerce plugins. Do you have plan to update Corporate to play well along with Woo and/or EDD?
  4. Hi Just received email about new release theme - "Corporate". What a great looking theme and thanks for that! Before purchasing it, I've some questions - 1. Is it compatible with WooCommerce plugin? 2. Is it possible to reduce theme width to (around) 980px? 3. Is it possible to move the sections (Features, Meet Our Team, Services, etc ...) in different orders? 3. What is your view - difference between Corporate and OnePage theme? Thanks much and look forward to your reply.
  5. What a coincidence! I just purchased Spike three minutes ago. I will definitely try it out. Wow. Thanks again Ben!
  6. Hey Ben, I really don't need heavy customization - exact looks alike TurePixel. But I do like TruePixel display full width featured image. Is it possible to modify Spike to display full width image? I mean - Title | Featured Image | Teaser Post all positioning in same width. Thanks!
  7. Hi there, MTS Spike theme is absolutely wonderful in demo. And, I also like TruePixel theme - it looks very clean and well-organized. But I want to purchase one theme 'cause sitting on tight budget this month. It seems to me Spike has a lot of customization options than TruePixel. Is it possible to tweak Spike layout looks alike TruePixel theme? Thanks and look forward.
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