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  1. Hi there, Thanks for clarifying these things. I am using images with 500 X 300 px on the blog. Will it create problems or affect appearance of single post images on Reactor ? I can see a second navigation menu on the footer of your theme demos. Is it a widget? What Reactor will do if an ad blocker is detected on a device? Can I use URL stortner with social media sharing buttons? (also Twitter account mention) Is $19 annual fee applicable on all licence types? Can I buy Reactor for a single site and upgrade the licence later by paying difference in the amount? Waiting for your reply,
  2. Hi, I was using your Spike theme for a long time on my blogs. And just found your Reactor theme & impressed with its quality and appearance. Want to confirm certain things before buying the theme. Can you clarify these things asap? So I will get a close idea about the theme. What is the total size of the theme? Recommended size of the featured post image/single post main image Can I create child themes right from the WordPress dashboard (without server access)? Can I build homepages with different category sections, tags, and others using drag and drop homepage sections? Can I show Adsense and affiliate ads after certain number of paragraphs (through theme settings)? Will it slow down my website any way? Is it compatible with Thrive architect plugin to build custom landing pages and WP Rocket for optimization? Can I show in-feed ads? Can I show multiple navigation menus? Waiting for your response,
  3. Hi, I am using your Spike theme on my blog & just now, I saw your new Block theme. It's really an awesome theme. But I would like to know more about it before proceeding further. My questions are, Can I remove the Single post header & use just titles instead of it (like other themes including Spike) Can I create child themes without accessing CPanel and server? May I know the minimum recommended featured image size for posts? Can I reduce it to 300 x 250 px? How many navigation menus I can create in the theme? Is 30 days money back guarantee is applicable to the product? Thanks,
  4. Hi, I would like to know more about Magnus theme. Kindly let me know the following details, The featured image in single posts appears in full width (demo). Can I change it to normal 500 x 300 pixels? If yes, how it will affect the page look? The single posts in your demo look awesome. But I want to reduce the image size to a minimum level. Do you have multiple navigation menus in Magnus? You said, Rankmath is inbuilt in Magnus. What will happen if the plugin or present features converted to exclusive premium option? I am an existing premium theme user. Why are you charging $19 each year for Magnus? Is there any change in your regular support policies? You said, Magnus will detect ad-blockers. Is there any option that let readers exit the pop-up box? Or should they disable ad-blockers (only way) to read the contents? Can we create child themes without accessing the hosting server or C-Panel? Will you accept debit cards from Indian banks for payments? Hope, I will get the answer to all these questions as early as possible to proceed to the next step. Thank you,
  5. I recently purchased Spike theme from My themeshop. I can obviously say that this site provides excellent support to our any queries and complaints. All my complaints resolved within a couple of minutes and on 24 x 7 basis (even on sundays). I shall suggest 'My Themeshop' to all my friends and other bloggers. Waiting to purchase some more themes and plugins from you.
  6. I purchased the theme with the help of a friend. thanks a lot for your guidance and valuable support
  7. Hi, I am Manoj from India. Recently I found Spike theme in this site and want to purchase. But sadly, I don't have credit card or paypal balance. I entered by SBI, Federal bank and South Indian bank card details to buy the theme, but all of them rejected (even in paypal too). When I contacted to bank cust care, they told me that I can't make international payments by their cards. Let me know how can I go with the theme purchase. Do you have any agents in India ? I want to get the theme before the offer expired.
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