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  1. Hi there, Love your work and good to see some new e-commerce themes lately. I have a question regarding my membership, currently have a developer membership I can see you have updated your plans now to include a "extended" membership and have a few questions which you might be able to answer. 1) Does the new "extended" membership now provide support for clients / customers of sites that I build using your themes? 2) After I build out a site and sell it, does the end user now get support for the theme? 3) How do I register the new owner of the site so they can get suppo
  2. Thanks so much for helping answering my questions. You guys are awesome! Have a super day.
  3. Hi there, Thank you so much for helping clear my concerns up, a really big thanks. I really would like to use some of your themes in some of my website development projects. I currently still have two questions left unanswered. 1) If I build a website using one of your themes, then sell the developed website, can the the purchaser resell the website they buy from me if they wish to at a later date or must I tell them that they cannot sell the website to anybody? I need to know this so I can advise future customers about this. 2) if I use your affiliate program and sign them up
  4. Hi again, Sorry as I am a little confused as with your terms of conditions, and I want to make sure myself and my future customers understand and correctly follow the GNU licensing terms. Your terms states that your themes are licensed under GNU license which I understand would mean that their should not be any resale restrictions on any website I build using one of your theme's that I purchase from you, I believe based on your terms and conditions and the mention of the GNU licence that if I sell a website that's using one of mythemeshop's theme's to a customer and then at a later dat
  5. Hi and thanks for the response, I understand that point from before, but sorry if I was not clear, my question is , if I make a website using one of your themes and then sell the site to a customer, can the customer resell the website if they decide they want to at a later date? In your earlier response I may have misunderstood, but you mentioned that they cannot resell the site? So my second question is, if they buy a site developed by me that uses one of your themes, and then I use your affiliate program so they purchase the theme and therefore obtain there own license for theme, would they
  6. Thanks for the information. In question c1) regarding the client not being able to resell the website. Is it possible for them to resell it if they purchase the theme that was used in the site and hence obtain a licence to resell it if they decide to at a later date. This way I assume they would also obtain direct support from mythemeshop aswell, is this correct? Cheers.
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