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  1. I'm an amateur webmaster and have spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to do everything with regard to publishing and maintaining CMS websites. When I found MyThemeShop, I started out experimenting with some of their great free WordPress themes, and was so impressed with their functionality that I opted in to (so far) three of the premium themes. In that time, I have had any issue dealt with promptly and courteously via the support forums, and to the extent that I can honestly say that my experience has been nothing short of wonderful. I know that I can submit any issue I have and it will be looked into extremely quickly, and an answer posted within a very short time. If you are essentially a non-technical web publisher like me, who faces tough challenges when it comes to working with WordPress themes, using MyThemeShop themes and their associated support system is simply a great way to do it. I'm sticking with them!
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