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  1. Hello, great, I will do it later on today thank you for your prompt reply, I appreciate it talk to you later, Ralf
  2. hello, @Jitendraaf thank you for your reply I am planning to change my theme on my blog. At the moment, I have the Newsonline Theme installed ( featured image size: 730:430 ), I want to switch to the Schema Theme ( featured image size: 680x350px. , as you mentioned ) I do not want to resize all featured image manually, what is the best way to do it? Also, do you have a guide regarding switching to another theme, is there anything important to be aware of, settings etc? please let me know Again thank you for your help, Regards, Ralf
  3. Hello, thank you for your prompt reply I am thinking about to change my theme, I use the newsonline theme on several sites, my site is slow, I need to improve it I have received an email from Bahnu, that for some themes it is better to switch over to the Schema theme for the future I am going to test the light version Do you know? if the newsonline theme qualifies for a free change to the Schema Theme?? please let me know again thank you for your good service here at mythemeshop Cheers, Ralf
  4. what is the featured image size for Schema theme please let me know, I have newsonline theme installed do I need to resize images, my featured image?? Thank you, Ralf
  5. Hello, I am thinking about to get the Newspaper Theme, what is the Featured Image size recommended?? please let me know Cheers, Ralf
  6. hello, thank you for your help I will try it, I am looking for a really lightweight theme, more then 70% of my traffic is mobile its needs to load fast, which theme would you recommend?? please let me know cheers, Ralf
  7. Hello, for the magnus theme, what is the recommended featured image size?? another question, I am a mythemeshop user, I have the Newsonline Theme installed, I need to renew the subscription, but I was thinking to replace it with a newer more modern theme, Which Theme would you recommend, I have all my images, in 730 x 430 featured image size, which theme would be the best, to replace my Newsonline Theme. please let me know Regards, Ralf
  8. hello jitendraa, you do a excellent job, helping out other people it is very much appreciated Cheers, Ralf
  9. Hello Mythemeshop friends, amazing support from mythemeshop. I have had small problem, I could not solve myself and after posting in the support forum, I have got my answer and I was able to keep on working on my site Happy membership customer. Again thank you, Cheers, Ralf
  10. Hello, I just want to thank the mythemeshop support theme for helping me out. Super fast and very knowledgeable support I am a happy customer, and will definitely buy more themes here Friendly Regards, Ralf
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