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  1. I don't think that's the problem. As you can see cómo excitar a una mujer fría has 6 words just like puntos de excitación de una mujer. And cómo excitar a una mujer fría was recognized on RMS.
  2. first of all, I love this plugin... is already on, in every site I own, I made my community change from yoast to RMS... amazing... ok, it was working just fine a few days later as you can see: the 15% is for readability. anyway today is not recognizing my focus keyword on content: and as you can see, I have the keyword 7 times on the content not counting the H2 I thougth it was because the accent mark, but I have two posts with accent mark But I'm lost, please help! I had to cover the content but you can see the posts with the sensitive
  3. I started buying themes on my theme shop. This site was the first place where I ever spend a dollar on themes. I used to buy with the coupons (9 USD per theme). But when I saw the "awesomeness" of this themes I just had to buy them all... Amazing support... amazing themes... amazing plugins... amazing everything!!! Even better than Genesis... and I've had bought the pro-plus package ($499 USD)... I still use My Theme Shop...
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