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  1. For example - the 'about' that is in the menu bar - that is fine. I have one of those on my site currently. Let's say I purchase the Pureview theme. I would like to be able to have a area in the side bar with a photo and a little more about me. Sort of like how they have it here on Pinch of Yum. I know some themes have a fixed amount as to how many widgets can be added in side bars. Also, if you look at their website you will see the BlogHer ads, as well as Adsense and Lijit. I can use the 125p and 300p that your themes have. It looks like those will suite my needs just fine.
  2. Ok, so no one can tell me whether or not I can place custom ad sizes on these theme or whether on not I am only able to use the pre-installed widget sizes?
  3. I was able to see the MTS offers a Custom 125p and 300p widget. I am looking at Pureview, Simpleton, or Spike for a Food Photography site. Due to the sponsors I have I need to be able to place custom ads due to their specific size and placement on the site. I need to be able to customize the side bars for these sizes. Will this be possible? Also, can the 'about' be moved to the sidebar? I realize the description says 'fully' customizable but you would be surprised at to what can and can't be changed on premade themes. Thank you for your time.
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