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  1. I'm sorry... I misread/misunderstood... I thought it was to purchase these... not interested in the free templates. DO have another question however. How does your year subscription work? I purchased about 4 yrs ago 2 premium templates from you that are no longer showing in my premium list in my account. It showed that the price was 69. on sale for 9 and you guys somehow snuck in that little number. When I purchased those, I had no understanding that you guys changed to a 1 year sub (Keep in mind I had purchased a no term template only mths before for same price), anyhow, now these templates are not even showing in my list. I understand if I don't have the lifetime support on these, however, I should still have access to the premium template, correct? The templates were MagXP and SteadyIncome. Thank you for your time! Colleen
  2. I have a pop-up on my screen that is telling me I can get 33 premium themes with lifetime support. I have clicked on it multiple times trying to get to the screen with no luck. Can you tell me how I actually get to this screen to checkout and if the themes are any good at all or if they are trash themes? I am sorry to ask, I'm just trying to make a purchase and for some reason, it isn't allowing me to get to the checkout. Thanks!
  3. I have had a few issues over the last couple of years that I wasn't able to figure out myself with a couple of templates I purchased here. The support at My Theme Shop is awesome and I'm so grateful for the quick responses.. especially when I'm in a panic to get things sorted =D
  4. I have had a couple of occasions where I have struggled with a template I purchased from MyThemeShop and have received prompt response to my issues along with successful solutions. The most important thing to me, outside of the quality of the product, when I make a purchase on a theme, is support. There are a lot of businesses that will sell products and then act like their job is done . There will always be questions or issues where it comes to customizing and bugs and such in a template, the way these things are handled and the promptness of the response is what makes my choices easy when it comes to purchasing future products from My Theme Shop. The support is spot on and it exceeds my expectations! Thank you much for your efforts (and of course, for your discounted templates from time to time =) Definitely a bonus!)
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