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  1. I'm sorry... I misread/misunderstood... I thought it was to purchase these... not interested in the free templates. DO have another question however. How does your year subscription work? I purchased about 4 yrs ago 2 premium templates from you that are no longer showing in my premium list in my account. It showed that the price was 69. on sale for 9 and you guys somehow snuck in that little number. When I purchased those, I had no understanding that you guys changed to a 1 year sub (Keep in mind I had purchased a no term template only mths before for same price), anyhow, now t
  2. I have a pop-up on my screen that is telling me I can get 33 premium themes with lifetime support. I have clicked on it multiple times trying to get to the screen with no luck. Can you tell me how I actually get to this screen to checkout and if the themes are any good at all or if they are trash themes? I am sorry to ask, I'm just trying to make a purchase and for some reason, it isn't allowing me to get to the checkout. Thanks!
  3. I have had a few issues over the last couple of years that I wasn't able to figure out myself with a couple of templates I purchased here. The support at My Theme Shop is awesome and I'm so grateful for the quick responses.. especially when I'm in a panic to get things sorted =D
  4. I have had a couple of occasions where I have struggled with a template I purchased from MyThemeShop and have received prompt response to my issues along with successful solutions. The most important thing to me, outside of the quality of the product, when I make a purchase on a theme, is support. There are a lot of businesses that will sell products and then act like their job is done . There will always be questions or issues where it comes to customizing and bugs and such in a template, the way these things are handled and the promptness of the response is what makes my choices easy when
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