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  1. Hi, all - Just a note of thanks to all of you at MyThemeShop support for helping me resolve my problems. Knowing I can contact you for help lets me sleep better at night. Keep up the good work! - warrentab
  2. Greetings, all - Just a brief note to give a big THANK YOU to MistaPrime and the others at WordPress Theme Support for helping to make sense of what often can be a confusing world. Your prompt and courteous response to my posts and, above all, tireless patience, is appreciated beyond words. Sincerely, warrentab
  3. Just a quick note to the WordPress MyThemeShop support team to commend you guys on your outstanding service and commitment to the satisfaction of WordPress customers. Being a relative "layman," I sometimes find myself faced with issues that are promptly and courteously resolved. Thank you again for all your help, past, present and future!
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