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  1. Sorry Sam - one last question. Can I use Gravity Forms with this theme? thanks again gary
  2. OK great thanks. Will probably purchase the theme later today.
  3. Excellent thank you so much for the quick response. Just want to clarify question #1. Where am I uploading the video to? Would this be within the media manager in the WP theme? And thanks for clarifying the other questions too, sounds good cheers Gary
  4. Hello, I am starting a video web series and I'm very interested in this theme. I have a few questions. 1. I see you support embeds from youtube & vimeo. Does this theme support self-hosted videos as well? 2. Does it support Soundcloud embeds? 3. Can the logo section on homepage be larger than the current example 4. Can I use lightbox for my video posts 5. Ad sizes: Do you only support 125x125 and 300x250 or can you do other sizes (ie: 728x90 etc..) thanks in advance Gary
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