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  1. Thanks Sam for the reply... Last question...There is a copy right sentence in the footer...if i buy membership...Am i allowed to remove that? thanks Harry
  2. Hey there, I sent an email with same question but thought to ask here as well if i can get the support... I saw one question in faq that i can use the themes on my client sites as well but normally i make sites and then sell out with content and domain to my clients in that case what happened? am i allowed to sell it out with theme...Basically i am not selling theme but my business is selling websites....or you can say flip the websites... Also just for info...if i cancel my membership may be after 12 months or 6 months then what happens to those themes because i already sold out those sites and they are not under my control.... Or does membership means that till i have active memberships i can keep reusing your themes and once i canceled i can not use any more... please let me know thanks Harry
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