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  1. I started using MyThemeShop few years back, I really liked the theme and i bought it. But really fantastic is the support and the speed of the team. Now I have two more themes from MTS and I will deploy more on my blogs. Cheers and all the best !
  2. Yes, I'll be honnest with you, in the begining I did not believe it. I was thinking that these guys will take my money and leave me with just another Wordpress theme. I finally chose Spike Theme and I payed with Paypal. Turns out it's the best thing I could spend my money on. The theme is very good in code, very fast and has a great and responsive layout. I had some issues with the files and I received help in very short time , fixing all my problems. Its the best theme I had since I started blogging in 2005. Few years back I had to pay a lot for a new theme and for customisation. Now i really know where I will get my next theme!
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