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  1. Hello, I was looking at this theme: http://demo.mythemeshop.com/s/?theme=CleanApp Is it possible to do a 2 column layout on the blog instead of the 3 column? And then then middle column spreads across where the left hand column was? Thanks!
  2. I love you guys... you keep releasing plugins right as I need them. First I wrote a review here about how to setup the CTA box from your theme: http://okaymarketing.com/snazz-current-wordpress-optin-box-free/ giving you huge props of course. Then the next morning you release it for free haha. Then today you release the pro version which is just what I was wanting. SumoMe is great but it makes a couple HTTP requests and the delay is longer than I wanted. Here are my test results after removing SumoMe Listbuilder and using WP Subscribe instead with a popup + 3 widgets! With SumoMe Enabled: With SumoMe Enabled: With SumoMe Disabled and WP Subscribe Popup + 3 Widgets Enabled! With SumoMe Disabled and WP Subscribe Popup + 3 Widgets Enabled! You can't beat that! For anyone interested you can check WP Subscribe in action out on http://okaymarketing.com/ Your fast code is the reason I always come back guys. That should always be #1 priority! You guys never disappoint. Plus to tip it off I always get that $9 coupon Dang you guys are good.
  3. Greatly appreciate the clean code and speed of your themes guys! I have used a couple now and I keep coming back. The themes on Themeforest are just so bloated today that it is getting ridiculous. A lot of developers on there care more about adding more features to sell more themes than they do about clean code/speed. Got my themeshop theme fully configured the way I want it to clock in at 995ms You can't beat that! Keep up the great work!
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