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  1. I have been blogging since 2014 (slightly before that but I will consider 2014 as the starting point because all others were lost ventures). Finally after years of blogging, I found a niche that I can stick with and I love. Over time, I understood a few things like SEO, user engagement etc. There were problems every now and then and I kept shuffling through themes and plugins. I went to places like Envato and browsed hundreds of theme and plugins. Purchased a few only to reject them after a while. Nothing was working until I found MyThemeShop and in particular, two plugins - Quiz Pro and Review Pro. I am yet to take Review Pro for a test drive properly but with Quiz Pro, I must say, it is one of a kind. My site's user engagement increased ever since I started using Quiz Pro. I have seen a sharp decline in bounce rate and a steep increase in average time spent by users on the site. All thanks to Quiz Pro. But you may say that there are other quiz plugins out there in market. Some free, some paid! Well yes, there are but nothing stood up to my requirements, especially when it comes to simplicity of use. So far, the plugin has everything I need. I am not a great fan of personality or Facebook quizzes. The trivia and listicle ones great I must say. About the free plugin - RankMath, I will not comment now. I have been using it for a while but SEO is a long term thing. No plugin can guarantee amazing results because there is always a human element in SEO. So, I will stick with RankMath for some time more before I write a review. Rest, the support guys are great! They solve the issues within 24 hours. Needless to say, I didn't really run into big problems with any plugin I am using. Only time can say. But I do have a feeling that these guys on the other side, whom I can't see, will go the extra mile to solve any issue I face. In fact, Bhanu (I am sure he is not in support) was ultra kind to me when I was about to purchase Quiz Pro and Review Pro. This small favor from Bhanu has turned me into a loyal customer of MyThemeShop. Currently, I am looking for a exceptional theme for my blog and I am just about to browse through what they have to offer.
  2. Hello, I have updated the sensitive data as requested. Can you please check further? Thank you.
  3. I added information on the page. https://prnt.sc/llhih2 https://prnt.sc/llhirp
  4. Hello Team, I am using Rank Math but I have noticed that when I am doing 'View Page Source' on the homepage, the OG data that I am getting is being pulled from the first post on the homepage. Here is what I am getting: Is it normal to pull this data from the first post of the homepage? If it is wrong then what do I need to do? I have removed all caches, opened the homepage in incognito and the same result. I have added facebook app ID and all necessary details.
  5. That is going to take a lot of time because I am not technically adept to do that without the aid of my developer. If the site was on a shared server with cPanel access, I could have done that but it runs on cloud infrastructure with no cPanel access. I don't know how to do that. So, I will have to talk to my developer first. Anyway, sir, I think I will live without RankMath for now. However, I will like to say that I do love the features that your plugin offers. They are just great. I will try out RankMath on a new site that will go live soon.
  6. I will, provided you can ensure me that you will not make any edits to any theme files or sitewide settings on my site. My site has specific settings for ads that run on it and specific settings for the Nginx server. Any changes are not welcome at all without prior information. Can you people do that?
  7. I think I will stay with Yoast until you iron out all the plugin issues. I will not take risks on an active site with over 1000 posts and over 300,000 monthly visitors.
  8. I switched to Yoast SEO with exact same settings (albeit, deactivated the Rank Math SEO plugin). Cleared cache and checked the sitemap. The sitemap is working just fine. I then switched to Rank Math, deactivated the Yoast plugin, cleared cache and checked sitemap. Now the sitemap is gone. Before switching to Yoast though, i took your advice and switched to default theme from child theme. Still, there was no sitemap anywhere with Rank Math plugin. Only a blank page was showing up.
  9. There are approx 3000 lines in the functions.php of the main theme. There are many blank lines in it. Now what? I don't think tampering with the functions.php file is a good idea. I am not a developer and if anything goes wrong, my site will go down. The functions.php file of the child theme had one blank line that I removed but it returned no results. I am getting the same blank page for the sitemap.
  10. My site uses a child theme. The child theme also has a functions.php file. Should I be checking that?
  11. My sitemap URL is returning a blank page. The url is https://factslegend.org/sitemap_index.xml On the search console segment of the plugin, I am getting the following error message: 'https://factslegend.org/sitemap_index.xml' is not a sitemap index. I tried resetting the permalink structure but that did not work. What is the solution to this problem?
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