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  1. In the CSS to override what is outputted by the theme from customization panel? Or another way? This issomething quite important to me. And the latest trends go in the direction of locally hosted fonts, for privacy concerns and things like that. Sorry for posting here. But I can't post on the premium forum section, obviously, but apparently in the free section neither.
  2. MTS framework has the option to use locally hosted fonts? On my current theme I have this option and I don't want to switch back to Google served ones.
  3. Well that was my question. ClassicPress is a WP 4.9 fork, for a wordpress without Gutenberg. If the theme functionality remains the same without Gutenberg as with Guteneberg that means I am good to pick one and go
  4. For an unknown reason I can't post topics in other forum section than this. So I'm posting it here. How do newest MTS themes work with WP Gutenberg? And I'm asking it in the opposite direction. If they are any features dependable on Gutenberg. I want to move my blog from Wordpress to ClassicPress (WP 4.9 fork without Guttenberg). As far as I see Rank Math plugin requires at least WP 5 to be activated but I dont't know about the themes. If they work.
  5. Not substantially, but more little things together, do. I'd love to purchase another of your premium magazine themes, frequently visiting MTS as the designs are beautifull. But the framework( settinga nd output) makes me unsure. Most of the settings are usefull but there are some that add unnecesary bulk. I'm seeing an option to turn on/off site responsiveness. Another theme provider that had it on their theme options was Themify and they got rif of it as nobody used that. I'd love to be able to put paddings on header social icons in one declaration without having to put the same padding to every icon. Less settings for typography. In the time I tested Beauty changed one of the default fonts, and I saw called in the header a google link with the new font, the second default font, and still, the firs one. And I didn't know from the long list of options where do I still had to make changes to unload the first one.
  6. Should have posted this elsewhere but it's the only forum section I have access to. Had Magazine theme for a website a while ago, when it was paid. Now I'm testing Beauty to see If I can make up my mind to purchase another premium theme from MTS. Although the design(s) are superb and the number of options quite a lot, I see there's a lot of CSS outputted by the framework. Some of it redundant. For example social links in the header, each one gets it's own css declaration( and style setting) that adds up to the file size. Apart from the color of the icon the rest like paddings should be on the same declaration. There is a setting to change the sidebar link font. There is an update in the works to slim down the framework a bit in the enar future? The unnecesary stuff that adds to the size of it puts me a bit off. Thank you for your response.
  7. When I first heard about MTS I liked the features and the ease of use of their themes. Design, not so much. In the meantime they adressed that too plus the loading time of themes. I used one myself, and plan to use another in the near future. They developed a bunch of usefull plugins( well, WP Review is a little more than that) and even though not everything works flawless( some updates could trigger minor conflicts) the MTS team is always here to help. The quickest I know.
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