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  1. Have been a mythemeshop customer for around 5 years now. Was mightily impressed (still am) by the aesthetic and functionality quality of their themes, and their insanely obsessive customer support - have yet to encounter a web based service with such customer dedication.
  2. I came across mythemeshop in May 2012, when I was trying to redesign one of my websites. I was amazed by how well made the themes were, and what really took it home was the level of pre and post-purchase support. Back then in 2012, MTS wasn't as well known as it is today so I thought the team was able to provide the level of service because of the low number of customers. I was wrong. Fast forward four years to 2016, and the MTS team continues to do an excellent job at consistently getting out new products to the market, with the flawless support which got me hooked to MTS in the first place. And their customer base must have grown 100x since 2012. This is a testament to MTS's extremely hard work and dedication. I have recommended MTS to many of my friends, and will continue to be their customer and advocate of their awesomeness!
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