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  1. 1 hour ago, Jitendraa said:


    We'll help you to hide the ad. The hidden ad won't affect the page load that much. So you need not to worry about that.

    Thank you.

    yeah it will affect the load performance. The fetching of the AD will take up to 5 to 10 seconds which in this case it will NOT be display anyway so why load.

    10 seconds causes the user to bounce.


  2. I had an eMail conversation with Bhanu and just want to confirm with support that there will be a custom css that support can provide.

    "By default the theme does not have the feature to create such a header in mobile device. But our moderators on the support forum can help you to adjust the code of header.php file or using some CSS to achieve the header as per your requirement."

    This is in regards to the Mobile Header of Schema Theme which I'm planning to purchase to use with my blog.

    Attached are 2 screenshots

    1) Schema Mobile Header which annotates what I need modified - Logo and Menu Hamburger


    2) Generate Press Mobile Header - Both Logo and Menu Hamburger ONLY on the same row.


    Basically the Custom CSS I will require is reducing the size of the mobile header only were Logo and Hamburger Menu is in 1 row instead of 2.

    Also the css that can control the height of the mobile header.

    This will push the content higher above the fold considering mobile has very limited above the fold space.


  3. with this custom CSS,

    • MyThemeshop support will provide the CSS necessary for me to apply on a specific post or page to "nullify" those ad space
    • because even if it was hidden it will still pull the ad which will slow down the loading of the post
    • for an ad that will NOT display in the first place

    Pleas confirm.

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