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  1. I installed the WP Real Estate plugin.  Worsk great for the most part.  Thinking about the PRO version, but one major issue sticks out.  the breadcrumbs.

    They dont seem to follow the logic they should.

    For example:  I have a "for sale" page.  Which has all the listings.  Which is great.

    Breadcrumb: Home / For Sale

    When you drill down into a listing the breadcrumb changes to:

    Breadcrumb: Home / Listing / Listing title

    The issue is that "Listing" should say "For Sale" based on settings change I made, but also the link for the "Listing" breadcrumb doesn't even take you to the "For Sale" page, it just reloads the current page.

    Any suggestions to fix this?  Not sure the PRO version is worth the $$ if this issues is non-fixable.

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