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  1. 1.  Does the subscribe pro plugin can be configured to have additional fields to input contact details?

    2.  Does the subscribe pro plugin has feature for adjustable time settings ( display the popup after few seconds)?

    3.  Does the subscribe pro plugin has the feature to identify the repeat visitor and unique visitor and display the popup accordingly?

    4.  Does the quiz pro plugin has features as in https://www.buzzfeed.com/ashleyperez/what-career-should-you-have#.sv6wyLpkxEand http://www.ari-soft.com/docs/wordpress/ari-stream-quiz-pro/v1/en/index.html  ?

    5.  Does the plugin has its own module or do we need to create multi posts and configure it?

  2. I got an offer mail for Magxp theme.

    I would like to know what the features magxp will be supporting from the features listed below:

    1. Newsletter subscription,
    2. MultiAuthor,
    3. Latest News/Post,
    4. User Registration,
    5. Post Templates,
    6. Banner Ads, 
    9.Stock prices widget,
    9. scoreboard (to show football scores),
    10. seo,
    11.keyword suggestions,etc.)
    12.  Changing the color of top band, menu back ground color, etc.
  3. Hi,

    Do you have any theme which comes with all the prebuilt magazine features  (newsletter subscription,MultiAuthor, Latest News,User Registration, Post Templates,Wall Paper Ad, Banner Ads, Slider,Scoreboard, seo,keyword suggestions,etc.)

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