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  1. Hello Shardha,


    Yes, every single purchase comes with an additional recurring cost of $19 every year.

    To avoid all those costs, you can simply purchase our Extended Membership license, which comes with a single recurring cost and provides you access to all our Premium themes & plugins.


    As you have purchased premium products from MTS, your profile must have activated a coupon code to get the Extended Membership for additional discount, which applies on recurring payments as well. Please check your member's area for the code.


    Hope that helps. If you have any further question(s), please let us know. Thank you.


    Hello WP Ninja,


    I can't find the Extended Membership license.. is upgrading makes the yearly fee one-time yearly fee? Please advice as I plan more purchases in the future.

  2. Okay. It's working. Now I plan to buy this theme and will it work for 2 websites? I mean can I install it to 2 of my websites? If so, how many websites can I install the theme to? Unlimited?


    Another problem I'm facing is when I share of one of my post, it does not show the featured image but another image from another post. Is it a bug or because of the demo version? What is the price and am I eligible for discounts since I'm new :) ?

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