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  1. The sitemap function on Rankmath has put errors onto the 2 sites I am using it on.

    Both sites I checked today and the sitemap page goes to a 404 page

    I was alerted to this by google console today which says the sitemap has a general http error

    I was wondering what your thoughts were on this. It does not seem to be a big issue, or is it? What do you advise?

    I also have a second question:

    Should the Ping search engines be turned off under sitemaps general settings, since wordpress settings, writing, already does this?

  2. Hi thanks for your help, I have been able to get my scores much higher now, using your tools and sitegrounds, they are not perfect but all in the 80 to 90 scores now, and that nice crypto theme is blazing fast on the testing machines under 2 seconds home page full loading. Your right I am fretting a bit too much, but these issues are my New Years resolutions so been working on them a few days now for long hours. Also New Years is part of the reason I am going through this rank math plug in and all your tutorials with a fine tooth comb and implementing them on my site. Thanks for those. 

  3. Ok thanks alot. I implemented the changes in the seo plugin.

    The next question is your number 9. Which I need to tackle and get down for all my sites which have 3 common elements. They all have SIteground hosting and they all have mythemeshop themes. and cloudfare free. I tackled this last year but did not get anything to go over 80

    I read your speed optimization page. The thing is. I am confused a small bit. There are references to to plug ins or ht.access and w3 cache cloudfare etc. 

    There is information overload and duplication of efforts and its hard to optimize to the best with so many different scenarios.

    For example siteground has told me w3 is not needed because of a couple things, one is cloudfare handles some issues and two there optimizer plug in handles different things.

    I have initiated all enhancements in the siteground plug in and have cloudfare working yet do not come close to 100 gt metrix or even 90 gt metrix score. I admit I have not tried to implement w3 cache again because siteground told me to get rid of it last year when I was tackling all this, which I was unable to do successfully. All scores still remain average.

    The first thing is, There should be an optimization plug in that takes siteground, and mythemeshop and cloudfare and combines all 3 and makes the site run at maximum speed and with no overlapping codes/duplication, similiar to the awesome job you are under taking with the seo plug in.

    For example the siteground plug in has a lazy load feature. Would it be best to have that on or the themes? Or both? This is an example of the confusion faced with optimizing and not knowing what to do with cloudfare, siteground, and mythemeshop all doing different things.

    I would gladly pay for a plug in that integrates all 3 and tops my max performance once and for all without all the confusion. An enormous amount of time can be spent on all this with little to no further gains when things conflict and you try them and then have to convert them back.

    Anyhow. These are my issues for this one site the one I have initiated the rank math for and it tells me I need to fix, Now I just need easy, exact solutions. 

    Now I see Siteground is recommending a plug in called wp rocket. WIll it solve my problems and get me closer to 100 score? I have schema theme and not ever been able to get it anywhere near 80 or better, never mind the near 100 per cent you obtained which would be nice.

    So I guess my goal is to see how on this one site, working with this seo plug in Rank math which seems awesome, is to get my seo score to 100 on rank math and my 5 performance issues and 2 security issues fixed and site close to 100 gtmetrix score on my Schema theme. One of the security issues involves one of the premium plugins I purchased from mythemeshop. If you could take a look in the sensitive data area I would appreciate it.




  4. Ok thats all great stuff thanks.

    I just want to make sure that I understand another thing thats a bit confusing and can lead to trouble and that is images

    I have the images set to no index under custom like the instructions say to do. 

    But what about the global settings? Do I have to click something on the global setting as well or leave all un  clicked?

    or should the box for images be clicked on the global and the images then set to default.

    Or should they both be clicked?

    Global Meta

    This tab contains SEO titles and meta options related to all the pages of your site. Learn more.

    Robots Meta
    •  No IndexPrevents pages from being indexed and displayed in search engine result pages
    •  No FollowPrevents search engines from following links on the pages
    •  No ArchivePrevents search engines from showing Cached links for pages
    •  No Image IndexLets you specify that you do not want your pages to appear as the referring page for images that appear in image search results
    •  No SnippetPrevents a snippet from being shown in the search results

    Default values for robots meta tag. These can be changed for individual posts, taxonomies, etc.


    Post Excerpt
    Article Type
    • Article
    • Blog Post
    • News Article
    Media Robots Meta
    • Default
    • Custom

    Select custom robots meta, such as nofollow, noarchive, etc. for single Media pages. Otherwise the default meta will be used, as set in the Global Meta tab.

    Media Robots Meta
    •  No IndexPrevents pages from being indexed and displayed in search engine result pages
    •  No FollowPrevents search engines from following links on the pages
    •  No ArchivePrevents search engines from showing Cached links for pages
    •  No Image IndexLets you specify that you do not want your pages to appear as the referring page for images that appear in image search results
    •  No SnippetPrevents a snippet from being shown in the search results

    Custom values for robots meta tag on homepage.

    Bulk Editing
    • Disabled
    • Enabled
    • Read Only
  5. The section below did not get set up automatically because my auto install feature had errors. Therefore what is the best way to set this up? I did not see it in the instructions. Therefore I need to do Custom, so what is the recommended setting in custom? How do these different selections affect the seo strategy?

    What is the default recommended settings put in for categories and tags during the auto setup so I can add them below manually?

    Category Archives Robots Meta

    This option lets you customize the robots meta for category archive pages. You can either leave them at the default settings that were set during Rank Math’s setup or set them to custom settings.


    If you choose the custom option, another set of options will appear below it which will allow you to pick the meta robots tags specifically.


  6. And what about this? at the top of the page 

    What does this mean? Is this not set up already? 

    There is also a turn bread crumbs on off in the Mythemeshop Appearance theme settings area Post area there is also a bread crumbs on off button there

    SO what do I do? turn on the post button in theme to on which it is. and then on again in breadcrumbs in the rank math which it is. Then what about this below? Do I ignore it?


    Here you can set up the breadcrumbs function. Learn more. 
    Use the following code in your theme template files to display breadcrumbs:
    <?php if (function_exists('rank_math_the_breadcrumbs')) rank_math_the_breadcrumbs(); ?>


  7. Under general settings

    seo settings


    There are 3 buttons all off  are these recommended to be off?

    Hide Post Title
    • Off
    • On

    Hide Post title from Breadcrumb.

    Show Category(s)
    • Off
    • On

    If category is a child category, show all ancestor categories.

    Hide Taxonomy Name
    • Off
    • On

    Hide Taxonomy Name from Breadcrumb.

  8. I have another post open in rank math, where the auto set up did not work, I had to set it up manually. Maybe I would not have this issue if it had worked.

    Could you do an update to the great guide you already made step by step each function so that someone can set up manually and know what each thing that they are doing is explained. I found most info I needed. But for now how do I get my posts to show as the url without the category in it. Where do I go to correct this? Is this it here?

    Primary Taxonomy

    Select taxonomy to show in the Breadcrumbs when a single Post is being viewed.

    P.S. I do see you have explained alot of functions in detail and I have read them all. They helped me with alot of the set up, But there are a few not covered still. I have some specific questions below, that did not have guides for.

  9. Hi I have questions about POST canonical urls

    when making a post and putting it into a category the post url becomes one with the category url.

    Is this then the canonical url? 

    This is different from other plugins as they do not show the category as the url on the post page which is fine, I just need to understand what is going on and how it works and if its a good strategy or not the rank math is doing it.

    I see in advanced seo on the POST page you can set the canonical url as the url without the category name, This is good? I guess? Because I do not know the seo strategy behind this, it may be really good, or really bad. But is it the canonical or is the url with the category name in it truely the canonical?

    I say this because when I look at the post it has the category name in the url as well.  just to be clear its not the word Category, its the key word of the category ie www.cat.com/meowmix/best-cat-food where meow mix is the category and best cat food is the actual post.

    Does this mean my post will always show as this www.cat.com/meowmix/best-cat-food when the actual post I made if it was a page without the meow mix category would be www.cat.com/cat-food

    What happens if I add to an extra category? Does this mean that the seo is set up for categories to be a main source of bread crumb for seo and all posts will have to stay in one category only for best seo results? 

    Because if people start linking to this post it has the category name in it meow mix, so link juice goes to the category meow mix when people link to it? Which means the same post if put in another category will not have as much seo if links go to the one and not the other because the true link is actually www.cat.com/cat-food    and if I put it in www.cat.com/purina/cat-food  I will not have any links pointing to it? Because they are all going to  www.cat.com/meowmix/cat-food   (NOT A REAL SITE just an example).

    This is confusing to me. As I do not know how you have configured this to work seo wise.

    I guess when it would matter is if I put the url into more than one category?

    Please explain what is going on here, and what is the strategy please.

    I have just combined 3 1000 word PAGES into A POST and  its the first Post in the first Category of this site which up till now has been all pages. Therefore I need to redirect all pages to the new post.

    Which I did to www.cat.com/cat-food   and not the url that is showing which is www.cat.com/purina/cat-food

    Please explain the intention of how this is set up and the scenarios for good seo. I have several sites, and some are all category sites so I dare not move them until I understand this. 

    Please help by explaining your strategy behind rank maths url category structure/url structure in regards to what I mentioned above. Thank you


  10. It seems as though after working on it some more I was able to set everything up manually. It seems there was just an issue with the auto configuration. Maybe its due to having the site running at the highest php level available on the server? Not sure. But the plug in features seem to be working after manually  going through each section. It appears quite impressive and well thought out with good instructions. Well done. It makes the auto setup bug not seem like that big of a deal. Thanks for your hard work I am eager to see what it does for this site then I may be moving more sites over to it.

  11. I tried this plug in on a second site now to set up and both times I received fatal errors when using the auto configuration it happens right after the implementation with or without google console authorization. If I do not authorize google console it does not proceed any further. If I do authorize google console it still fatal errors and the set up wizard does not advance. Either way it does not advance and I would like to know how to do the auto wizard to set optimal settings. Otherwise if there is a manual set up optimal strategy somewhere so I know how to configure this it would be appreciated. 

    Please look at the sensitive data information error and let me know why its not working

    Theme is By Mythemeshop   Schema Theme

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