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  1. Hello, thank you now i have only 68 internal nofollow links, 11 from homepage (one of the internal nofollow links is page 2).


     Also, any from the author page are nofollow, and a peculiar other issue; articles are nofollowing themselves, can you help me with these issues?


     That upload solved a few of my problems, I appreciate your help and will be deleting this testimonial, posting a newer positive one when my issues are solved :)

  2. Hi Todd thanks for your response, the internal nofollow issue is here, basically I have 132 internal nofollow links which contain nofollow attributes:




    The latest answer was to download a plugin and do them all one by one, but I doubt that is a sustainable long term solution, there is a problem in the script that needs sorting out.


    Here is another issue regarding 4XX errors:




    One other issue I am finding is that it says I have no page title, even though I have put a page title. It also shows duplicate page title, so it shows what i've put double which is a strange bug, any thoughts on this?

    Also 18 broken links from pages which have post-type-1 - post-type-3 in the name, any thoughts on this?


     Thank you for your response, i've had great responses before so I still have faith in MyThemeShop and WordX, theres just a few major problems with my site/theme that need fixing.

  3.  I have received great support from mythemeshop which is why i posted my last testimonial, but since then, the replies have been very slow and not helpful in helping me solve my issue. My theme WordX has issues with nofollow, and 4xx errors which I can't place my finger on and the forum comments of a comment every nearly two days is not helping much, leading to decline in keyword ranking. I am not happy.

    The last advice just took away my nofollow for featured pages on my homepage which are meant to be there, so if i continue to use this theme, i will need to get the origional index.php file back again.

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