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  1. I just setup a new site yesterday with the MagXP theme.  I had some difficulty finding a way to completely remove the sidebar from the homepage.  I couldn't find an easy solution and posted in the community message boards for help.  After a few back and forth messages, MistaPrime was able to get my the custom CSS I needed to remove the sidebar.  The entire process could not have been easier.  Honestly I've spent 10x as long trying to solve simpler issues for non-MyThemeShop themes, plugins, etc.  Thank you for the help!

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  2. I'm running the Schema theme and have had a few minor issues while trying to change the appearance, add different plugins, use custom CSS, etc.  The support here has been amazing.  There are always multiple moderators replying within 24 hours offering their help.  I simply follow the forum thread that I create and get notifications when someone has posted in my topic.  Really great support network.  

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