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  1. Just wanted to follow up on this post. After posting this feedback. MTS responded immediately and helped me set up my theme right away. They made it easy to transfer my content to my new theme. I'm really excited about the theme and appreciate the help from MTS customer support.




    Old Feedback

    Just wanted to give a little feedback on Mythemeshop. I couldn't be more disappointed with the customer support for mythemeshop.
    After installing my theme, my Google Webmaster Tools stopped working. The blog roll on the theme doesn't work, the pictures on the blog roll (featured image) has to be put in individually instead of automatically repopulating the photos.
    And the absolute worst thing about mythemeshop is there is no live customer support. No one to walk you through the process, help you set up your theme. Instead you have a forum where you have to wait hours to handle one issue.
    Could you see that I get a refund for my order. I will delete the theme and trash all the files. Buy a theme that works with real customer support elsewhere.
    I was actually going to do a positive review on my site and try to promote mythemeshop, now I think I'll do a negative review. 
    Seriously so disappointed in Mythemeshop. Major let down.
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