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  1. I've been using MyThemeShop for quite a while now and even though I haven't upgrade to give back for the great service provided here, I still plan on doing it.


    I am writing to let everybody in this forum know that I am still in loved with the support staff here and how fast they reply with solutions that always works (in my case).
    This is my 2nd testimony and I am as amazed with the support as I was when I wrote my first one.


    To all the staff: Keep up the good work and I appreciate your service as I am sure others do as well.


    My Regards
    Alan Santana

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  2. I chose the Point theme after trying lots of alternatives - it's baseline features set it apart from the rest of the free to use themes.


    However having now used the theme for a couple of months, I have come to realise that what is extra special about using this theme is the amazingly patient and helpful support provided by the Mythemeshop team - they really do care about our problems.


    As a novice website builder I am grateful for your support.  Thank you :)

    I completely agree with you, I am amazed by the amazing support given here.

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  3. So far this is the best support I received for any Wordpress theme.

    The themes are also nice and so far I only used the free ones and still the support is better than some other premium wordpress theme providers.


    Great job.

    I hope to upgrade to premium in the future, if I find a theme that meets my needs.



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